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  • PS13NA – Cut it out!

    This past week was a Victorian heat wave! Every day tipped the scales at nearly 45 degrees celcius. I got a lot less done than I had hoped as I swapped the grinder for the beach and enjoyed the weather. But I did get get the drivers side tub mostly in and cut out the […]

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  • PS13NA – Re-tub

    This car has a fair history, its been through a lot of stages in its in 8 years with me. When I retired my black RPS13 to the scrap yard I bought a silver AE86, the SR20 and the IRS from the RPS13 were destined to go in the AE86. I didn’t rush into cutting […]

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  • PS13 NA – Fresh Start

    I remember a time long long ago in a one car garage where this car was my life, starting as a CA18DE Auto, then CA18 Turbo manual, then SR20DET, then LS1, then built SR20DET (which is now the motor in the ute) then to SR20DE its been a long road with plenty of good times […]

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  • PS13 NA – Getting Motivated

    This years coming to an end faster than I could imagine, I started 2013 knowing it wasn’t going to be an easy year, I made a promise to myself to not start any new projects until the ones I have are at a point where I am happy with them. Unfortunately this meant 2013 wasn’t […]

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  • ETS Updates – The new look

    Nothing ever stops or slows down in this world, everything is always changing to stay on top of the game, this website is no different and I am so pleased that the new layout is now live. I have to thank my “technical director” Pavel for his help with this, Pavs been the driving force […]

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  • PS13 – PWR Radiator Complete

    After the decision was made to go NA on the PS13 it made a lot of things very easy, one of those things was the cooling system. Of course loosing the boost on a small capacity motor isn’t what most would call a step in the right direction but I believed it would be for […]

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  • DIY Insight – When buying is better than Building … PWR

    When I decided to build the ute my emphasis was on doing as much of the work myself, this meant gaining the skills and the tools to do the majority of the work. But there comes a time when you can only build so much…. That situation came for me numerous times throughout the build, […]

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  • PS13 NA – Tailshaft time

    I have always ran a 1 piece tailshaft in this car with the Z32 gearbox, now I am running a S15 6 speed the tailshaft needed a new front yoke. This is where Peter and Rick at A1 Tailshafts in Geelong come into it, the guys shrtened the tailshaft, added a new yoke with replaceable […]

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  • Last Weekend

    Its cold and rainy this weekend, last Sunday was a perfect winters day. All 3 cars enjoying some light.

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