PS13NA – Cut it out!

This past week was a Victorian heat wave! Every day tipped the scales at nearly 45 degrees celcius. I got a lot less done than I had hoped as I swapped the grinder for the beach and enjoyed the weather.


But I did get get the drivers side tub mostly in and cut out the firewall and tunnel so I can start fresh in those areas. Believe me it was easier to cut all this out than to neatly fill in the holes and smooth everything over, once the tubs are tacked in I will sit the motor and 6 speed transmission in, measure everything out with the motor in a more rearward position, then incorporate the gearbox mount, tunnel, strut support and seat rails into the roll cage structure.


Once I am happy with that and I have remade the firewall to seal up the cabin I will start plumbing everything (NA is pretty simple, just water and fuel) then do all the finishing touches and get ready for paint. Im looking forward to getting to that point and really enjoying the car as this will be its final chassis make over.

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  1. Hi Nigel,
    Many props mate for an awesome build. Love the dedication.
    Just a quick one, do you think you’ll be able to lose any kilo’s from the firewall and floor you’ve cut out?


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