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  • PS13NA – Take 2 and running

    It has been a busy couple of weeks. Im going to try and fill you in with whats been happening. If you read the last post you would have found it hard to keep track of whats been going on with the NA SR build. Ill try and summarise it for you. -Martyn and Grant […]

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  • PS13NA – Take 2

    With the old motor out and the new one cleaned up I have reassembled it all, Im hooked on working with NA engines, so easy to piece them together, theres literally no parts other than an engine. I just need to find a 5 speed gearbox, either that or ill machine 25mm off my S15 […]

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  • PS13NA Build – Its alive

    While I am waiting on the FRP panels to be finished for the Hilux I spent some time on the PS13 NA project. Thanks to Martyn and Grant for heading down from Melbourne to help out. Martyn has been the man behind the scenes with the wiring and helping with the Link ECU installation. This […]

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  • PS13NA Update

    You may have worked out that life revolved around building the Hilux and it still does but every now and then I like to dream about this car being finished. It can be registered in 2014 and considering thats only 7 months away and 2013 is going to be a crazy year I am trying […]

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  • Product Newsletter – Sign up now!

    If your interested on whats happening behind the scenes regarding product development you can register to my newsletter by submitting the form below: Name: Email: I will also be running specials and promotion codes through the newsletter so get the inside word by signing up now.

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  • Project 4 stud – The eagle has landed

    I didn’t really know what motor to put into this, its a street car so it needed to be sensible but i wanted it to be fast at the same time. I had the full running gear from an S15 i salvaged a long time ago so i thought i may aswell put it to […]

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  • PS13NA SR20 Header

    This may seem like its taken an incredibly long time to complete but theres a lot going on behind the scenes, let me fill you in. It all started with a dream, a few weeks after i had this dream i was in Japan at Tomei HQ and i happened to ask the right people […]

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  • Introducing Project 4 stud

    Ok so i have had this S13 for a few weeks now, an old friend had it stashed away in his garage for over 5 years, he was stripping it down to sell as parts and simply got over the idea. It was a complete S13 that was missing a motor and gearbox, it had […]

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  • PS13 – Waiting it out

    Just a quick snap of the forgotten one, super keen to finish this off after the Hilux, who knows maybe my garage could have all cars finished at the same time?

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