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  • PS13 – Attack Mode

    You probably already figured this out by now but I am in no rush with this project, I have been waiting for a bit of headspace to get a clear direction on where I am going with the car, I was motivated by the fact that I had to shift it when the Hilux returned, […]

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  • PS13NA – Roll Cage Progress

    Just a quick single photo of the roll cage in the PS13 that I’m working on. Im struggling with one hand but I’m getting through it slowly, I wanted to get it rolling and finished before the Hilux arrived home but it looks like it might take a little longer. Oh well no rush, its […]

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  • Good Parts – SR20 Cam Gears

    Thanks to the guys from Spec Lab for supplying me with these great fail-safe SR20 cam gears, I always get nervous about the bolts on the adjustable gear holding the timing correct but I won’t have to anymore. Spec said it the best on their website “SPEC’s Lock Jaw System utilizes a variety of lock […]

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  • PS13 – Progress

    I put it down to memory loss, I think up these big ideas, throw myself into them, then get half way through and relise the amount of work I had just made for myself, days apon days inside the garage, burnt skin, cut hands, holes in my clothes and nostrils full of steel dust. I […]

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  • ETS Bender – In action

    While I am drawing up the plans for the bender (that you can have access to by signing up to the newsletter) Sign up here I thought I would shoot some footage over the weekend of a simple few minutes in use, I got stuck into the roll cage in the PS13 NA project, the […]

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  • PS13NA – Take a seat

    The PS13 chassis is coming along nicely, I still haven’t started work on the actual roll cage side of the chassis but I have made a good start on the floor and firewall sections. I decided that I wanted to create a little more rearward room in the engine bay, I will have to sort […]

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  • Bender Tech

    When you start building steel structures at home you can achieve most outcomes with fairly simple tools, a welder, angle grinder, drill and vice. The skills to use these tools vary and once you are competent and have a knowledge in how to use them the skys the limit, but there’s will always be one […]

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  • PS13NA – Getting Somewhere

    It probably comes as no suprise to you but I love metalwork……… I dont love the burns, the mess, the noise, the taste of steel, or the gritty feeling after I have finished a night in the garage, but what I do love is seeing my visions come to life and the amount of strength […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Taking a step back

    Not having the Hilux in my garage has given me a new appreciation for it, our time apart has given me time to reflect on its upbringing, a frantic three years of intense concentration towards the build suddenly came to a halt when it was loaded into a container and hit the seas bound for […]

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