PS13 NA – Tailshaft time


I have always ran a 1 piece tailshaft in this car with the Z32 gearbox, now I am running a S15 6 speed the tailshaft needed a new front yoke.


This is where Peter and Rick at A1 Tailshafts in Geelong come into it, the guys shrtened the tailshaft, added a new yoke with replaceable unis and balanced it up for me.


I wanted to shift everything back so I got the guys to take 25mm extra out of the length. I then modified my fabricated crossmember to suit.


Now the motor sits very close to the firewall and the shifter is in a better position, this car has a Tilton floor mount pedal box and I sit way back so the further the better.


Now to figure out the radiator position, ideally I would love to run it in this position with a large vent up through the bonnet but ill get it on track first and get some laps under my belt.


So many similarities between them all and so so so so many hours work poured into these three.

  1. So much respect for your hard work, keep at it! could only dream for my r32 to be such a drift beast one day aha.

  2. hi lux is soooooooooo low.


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