PS13 – PWR Radiator Complete


After the decision was made to go NA on the PS13 it made a lot of things very easy, one of those things was the cooling system. Of course loosing the boost on a small capacity motor isn’t what most would call a step in the right direction but I believed it would be for this car. Its left at home while everything else goes to the track and its because I built the 180SX so I didnt have to ruin this car and its beautiful factory lines.


The fact that its no longer a drift car means it can be anything it wants, the dream was to register it and drive it on the street but thats still up in the air, my goal is to remake the cage from lightweight chromoly, intergrate that into the chassis as best and neat as I can, get the CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) and do track sprint days in it. All while I upgrade the NA SR20 powerplant and learn about making power without boost.


So when it came to dreaming up a radiator that would suit what I had planned PWR came to the rescue and between them and myself we created what would work best for my trackday intentions. Having no intercooler meant that I could make the most of the incoming air, with the air intake on the factory Aero front bumper an angle on the core would suit the air intake set at around 30 degrees.


It wont be going in until I get the grinder out though, Im going to remove everything from the front tubs forward and replace it with a neat and lightweight tube structure, all that needs mounting is the bonnet pins, radiator and headlights so Ill be able to sink the radiator down nice and low, keep that incoming air getting the majority of the core and mount the caster rod brackets I have fabricated a lot nicer than factory.


My goal for this car is to have a high HP high revving lightweight rigid chassis that can lap reliably around a race circuit, once I reach that goal and have a solid benchmark to build apon and learn what works in both chassis and engine development to go even faster.


If you do the same thing over and over again without throwing something different into the mix things get a little stale, this project has already taught me so much and I am happy that PWR has given me a vital hand in the cooling department, after seeing where these radiators get built I can assure you there is no better choice for this project.

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