PS13 NA – Fresh Start

I remember a time long long ago in a one car garage where this car was my life, starting as a CA18DE Auto, then CA18 Turbo manual, then SR20DET, then LS1, then built SR20DET (which is now the motor in the ute) then to SR20DE its been a long road with plenty of good times in between. There has been a lot of lessons learnt aswell, both rear quarters have been caved in as a result of street signs, I once snapped a wheel in half and bent a cradle after some spirited late night driving went wrong, overall this cars been there the longest and seen everything unfold. Its sat quietly and unused while everything else in the garage went from strength to strength.

I have never forgotten it though, I was always happy knowing that while its sitting there doing nothing its not deteriorating or going backwards. Its time will come and now it has.


The chassis is now a blank canvas once again, the steel for the roll cage is ordered from the ever helpful guys at RaceTech Steel the front tubs will be remade and integrated into the chassis in a much neater fashion, the PWR radiator is ready to sit in place and then a lot of small diameter tube will be bent up to hold the headlights, bumper, bonnet pins and radiator in.

PWR will fabricate an oil cooler especially for this application and then everything will be alloy ducted to make the most of the incoming air.

Once I complete the roll cage, engine bay and exhaust the car will be resprayed machinery grey inside, and factory silver over grey on the outside with the front bumper repaired and the rear quarters smoothed out and the guards shaped in a little neater fashion than they are at the moment. With the Hilux being loaded into the container I am looking forward to the simple things in life.