ETS Updates – The new look

Nothing ever stops or slows down in this world, everything is always changing to stay on top of the game, this website is no different and I am so pleased that the new layout is now live. I have to thank my “technical director” Pavel for his help with this, Pavs been the driving force behind keeping me up to date and always on top of the www game.

Anyways take your time to look at the new features on the website, there’s a few things we need to work on to get it running to its fullest potential but it’s a step in the right direction. Again thanks for reading and welcome to the new ETS!

Now back into the garage.


When I rolled the Hilux out of the trailer from WTAC I knew I had some work to do.


There was the case of the broken rockers on cylinder 1 (thanks Donny for the new ones) and the missing shim that I found in the sump.


I love to lay everything out so I can inspect everything.


There was also the issue of the broken gearbox.


After assessing all my options I took everything off the motor to make some measurements.


Because when it all goes back in here I dont want to have to pull it out again.


So what are all these measurements for?


Mounting up the 6 speed sequential dog box, this is an SR20 Auto bellhousing with a depth of 164mm and will be the bases of my 42.6mm alloy adapter plate onto the new transmission. Dont worry Ill go into way more detail about all of this soon.


I had a massive shed clean out and garage sale to get the $$ for the gearbox and with the profit from the T shirt sales from WTAC im almost able to afford the gearbox.

I cant wait to get it and set everything up!