ETS Bender – In action

While I am drawing up the plans for the bender (that you can have access to by signing up to the newsletter)

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I thought I would shoot some footage over the weekend of a simple few minutes in use, I got stuck into the roll cage in the PS13 NA project, the main hoop is 1 3/4 tube and the tube in the video is 1 1/2 for the front legs. Im looking forward to getting it all in and ill be sure to document that when it happens. For now watch the video and see how I bend all my tube.

ETS Bender in action from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.

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  1. This is awesome so simple! I’m sure I’m on the list but signed up again just to be safe!

  2. Awesome design!!!! Looks simple to fabricate but very smart minded design!!! Wating for the plans!!!!!!

  3. Can you post some pictures of the bends, in detail? I’m curious how much kinking or stretching there is.

  4. That looks great Nigel. So simple yet so effective. Just a quick question: how do you determine where to start the bend to ensure the centre of the radius ends up where you need it to be in relation to the car??? Is it just trial and error until you know where this point is or is the centre of the radius vertically above the bottle jack??? Cheers

    Ps. Keep up the awesome work

    • You can calculate your bend allowance and that will give you a start point for your bend. If you google calculating bend allowances you’ll soon get the idea.

  5. How much do you overbend to compensate for the schrinckage after you release the pump? Look really good though and I’m glad my prayers for more info on your bender have been heared 😉

  6. That works great!! I really like that. Do you use any marks to make sure the tubing doesn’t roatate?

  7. Brilliant, can’t wait.


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