PS13 – Progress

I put it down to memory loss, I think up these big ideas, throw myself into them, then get half way through and relise the amount of work I had just made for myself, days apon days inside the garage, burnt skin, cut hands, holes in my clothes and nostrils full of steel dust. I begin to think “oh hang on I have been here before, why didn’t I learn the first or maybe tenth time that this isn’t really fun”


Its the light at the end of the tunnel I look forward to, its the initial excitement of a plan coming together before your eyes, the different stages you go through to complete each part, then the realisation that you are not far from being finished.


I don’t want to add things onto this car, I want to integrate them as if the car was meant to be built like this in the first place.


I already have all the parts, all I need to do is spend my time and a very minimal amount of money on steel to create what I will see as a whole different car.


What I achieved with the ute was an amazing feeling, the ute is brand new, with only a few pieces of 15 year old sheet metal it has next to no history, this car on the other hand has over 25 years of history, 10 of those years it has been with me and I wanted to preserve as much of that as I could while bringing it up to the level I believe a race car should be at.


I have bent up the majority of the roll cage, it just needs final assembly, the majority of the engine bay is now tacked in its final position and I am making ground on all the sheet metal work.


The Tilton pedal box is back in, 6 years ago I fitted this into the chassis but I didn’t do the best job, this time I plated in the footwell area and reinforced the chassis to be strong and integrated.


Im not sure if you can see but I have grafted the chassis numbers onto the new sheet metal that forms the relocated firewall, this keeps the cars heritage and identity while moving and updating everything.


I still have a lot of work to do, I want to now finish off the roll cage, add in all the gussets, final weld the engine bay, rework the boot and fuel tank, then refit and finish everything ready for paint.

Stay tuned, I want to get this finished ASAP so I can move onto something a little more exciting!

  1. utes and motorcycles are ok, they just arent s13s… forgive me for being way more stoked for this than your other projects

  2. Hahah where do you get your money from

  3. hi. are you going to be selling t shirts and stuff at manfield next week.I hope so. cant wait to see this beast

  4. Dude! you need to calm down! I ain’t got so much time to Fap on all the stuff you do.. do something bad once in a while!!!! hahahaha
    Keep up the good work.. you are one of my role models!!!


  6. So have you actually consulted an engineer about these mods and getting this thing registered?

  7. HI Nigel,

    Just curious, do you work a 40 hour week plus manage to find time/motivation to build these projects?



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