PS13NA – Take a seat

The PS13 chassis is coming along nicely, I still haven’t started work on the actual roll cage side of the chassis but I have made a good start on the floor and firewall sections.


I decided that I wanted to create a little more rearward room in the engine bay, I will have to sort out a way to bring the motor back over the steering rack to make full use of this. The mounts will be the easy bit, the sump clearance wont be, I don’t need an elaborate dry sump setup (although it would be nice) I will just have to re-engineer the sump and pick up for clearance.


The chassis support under the firewall tube creates something to tie the sheetmetal too, not only that it creates a surface to start the transmission tunnel that runs through the car giving the central tunnel area a stack of strength.


Running into the strongest area on an S13, the mid central x beam, this area is thick and sturdy and a great place to finish the tunnel tube. I also wanted to make the seat supports a real part of the chassis design, the chassis rails on an S13 get fairly flimsy around this point and don’t even exist on the LH side, so I will be running a bit of tube through to tie this area off and create a light, strong and safe seating position.


Overall I am pretty happy with how this is coming along, I am now planning the cage design and my emphasis is on keeping it super tight to the pillars and making sure it looks like a production race car.

Remember I am not building this to comply with any race championship, CAMS category or anything like that, I started to do the paperwork that was associated with the series that I wanted to run in but the direction for this car just got skewed and my vision of what I wanted this car to become got lost in rules and regulations, its just a car that I can be proud of and take sprint racing every now and then.