PS13 – Attack Mode

You probably already figured this out by now but I am in no rush with this project, I have been waiting for a bit of headspace to get a clear direction on where I am going with the car, I was motivated by the fact that I had to shift it when the Hilux returned, I welded up all the engine bay and got it all rolling again.


In my next post I will detail why I haven’t had the time to properly invest into the project but more on that soon.


The motor has to come back 100mm until its in its final resting place but I also want to lower it 50mm, for this I need to make a custom sump and pick up so in a couple of months (you will understand after I tell you whats happening this weekend) I will get stuck in to it and get it all done.


Theres a heap of engine work I also want to complete but more on that later.