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  • Garage spring clean

    Over and over again, the idea of making a dash ran through my mind. I decided to make it out of fibreglass and so it began, a huge mess and hours of sanding. But first I needed to make up a frame, something to allow the shape to flow. Once I had the profile sorted […]

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  • PS13 Update – Goodbye Winter

    Builds…….. A true test of ones patience and persistence. Every single day my alarm goes off before the sun rises, I lay in bed for ten minutes wondering what I can do today to make tomorrow easier, I always have a list of jobs rolling through my head, the enormity of the project sometimes clouds […]

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  • Forward Thrust – Pursuing the ultimate SR20DE

    A few weeks ago I wrote this post without publishing it, I hadnt made up my mind what to do with the engine in the PS13 at that time so I thought it may be worth posting so you get an idea of where I am coming from. Firstly I want to give you a […]

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  • PS13 Update – Long Cold Nights

    The beginning of winter always puts me in a crappy mood, I have always been a self motivated person that’s driven by the pursuit of creation, the drawn out excitement of something coming together piece by piece right in front of me. The artistry in what I do isn’t as apparent in this build to […]

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  • PS13NA Update – Kicking Goals!

    I checked the weather for the upcoming weekend, sunny and clear, I had no plans for two days and had one goal in mind, to finish the chassis and etch prime the interior. Finishing the chassis involved adding the harness mounts, the last large job on the list before I could get rid of the […]

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  • PS13NA – Working through it.

    What is it that you want in life? If its a garage full of your dream cars then you and I have something in common. I have worked out that money want buy my dream car, if it did then I wouldn’t appreciate it anyway, for me its what I build that I love, I […]

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  • ETS Garage – The latest on the PS13

    Being on a waiting list for surgery has its upsides, spending time in the garage is one thing that I just can’t get enough of. Im racing the clock with the PS13, trying to get the majority of the fabrication work done so I can have a break when its time to get my finger […]

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  • PS13NA – Garage Sale

    Things have been really different in 2014 for me, with the Hilux all finished off it gave me some clarity in where my life is heading, to be honest I am super content with everything I have, I don’t need more projects I just need to finish the ones I have started. Its mid winter […]

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  • ETS Garage – Confined Winters

    Only a few weeks ago I was on the other side of the world, enjoying the summer sun and taking in all the amazing sights America had to offer through the window of 1965 Ford van, the honeymoon had to end at some point, I had to return back home and get back into my […]

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