Good Parts – SR20 Cam Gears

Thanks to the guys from Spec Lab for supplying me with these great fail-safe SR20 cam gears, I always get nervous about the bolts on the adjustable gear holding the timing correct but I won’t have to anymore.


Spec said it the best on their website “SPEC’s Lock Jaw System utilizes a variety of lock inserts which have holes at different offsets that directly adjust your timing in 2 degree increments. Once the lock insert is put into place the cam shaft gear cannot slip“, I believe that any “fail safe” item you can fit in your engine is a good thing, although a slipped cam gear isn’t a huge issue it is when you have a timing system like I do. If your reading from a crank and cam trigger then you can have huge timing issues with a slipped cam gear.

Thanks SpecLab for the gears and all the best on the business venture!

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  1. Not to mention the issues with a slipped cam gear in an interference engine with high duration cams.

    Cool product!


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