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  • Trailer Build – Its getting there

    In between everything else ive been slowly progressing on the trailer, i kind of have to seeing as i sold my old one…. All the air lines are now plumbed, i made this little alloy “balance” block with 5 1/8 NPT tapped holes and a gauge to check pressures, i have been putting some thought […]

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  • S13 SR20DE -T Project has a heart

    Massive thanks to JDM Garage in Brisbane for sending me 1.5 SR20s to kick off the SR20DE build for the two tone S13, first step was to strip the motor of everything i dont need and then give it a clean. Once i had it all stripped i blanked off all the things i didnt […]

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  • Quick Snap – Radiator Mount

    Ive been busy on the Hilux the last couple of nights, here the top mount for the radiator, im really happy both intercooler and radiator are in and mounted.

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  • ETS Trailer Build – Update Time

    When you think about building a trailer its like, “oh yea a trailer, thats pretty simple” well im here to tell you it isnt, whats made it more difficult is i dont have drawings or measurements to work from. Its the same story with the Hilux, learn as you go along. I mean how can […]

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  • Trailer Build – Quick update

    Ive been focusing my time on the trailer lately, last night i spent 4 hours doing all the welding to finish off the sheetmetal. Now ill be designing a tire rack and nose cone so stay tuned, wont be too long now!

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  • ETS Trailer Build – Sheetmetal edition

    Last week i decided to get back into the trailer build, a quick trip to Ebay and i had the guards, lights, hitch and winch all on there way to me in the post. I made up a nice hitch attachment thats all internally braced and super strong. These hitches are like $60 including the […]

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  • Quick Snap – Get Belted

    When it came time to selecting seat belts i didnt want to cut any corners, strapping yourself and your passenger in can be the most important things in race car safety, i chose these 55″ Simpson Camlock bolt in harnesses, they match my colour scheme and look just right, i think it suits the overall […]

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  • Back to Japan – Time for a Vacation

    A couple of years ago i went to Japan and had such an amazing time, if your fairly new to ETS then check out some of the things I saw. I have just booked flights to go back and am so excited!

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  • ETS Trailer Build – Rolling Low

    After spending a heap of time on the hilux lately i started to plan on getting it rolling, that couldn’t happen unless i got the trailer rolling and out of the way so i could swing the jig onto the hoist. After a few late nights of solid MIG welding i started getting pretty excited […]

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