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2014 has been way different to every other year of my life, With the Hilux sitting in NZ waiting for me to return next week its given me a lot of distance to see things as they really are. I have been busy working on the PS13, it hasn’t been as exciting as I had hoped the build would be, the Hilux had an ALL IN approach and nothing was left untouched, Its hard to go from that build then to a 1989 model chassis and not go full tube frame on it.

I sat inside it while measuring and notching the tube for the rollcage (ill post my progress over the weekend) thoughts of cutting everything out and starting from scratch continually go through my mind, once I get ideas like that its extremely hard for me not to do it, but that is excactly what needs to change for me to progress with things, I have to be happy with how they are, I mean I was pretty happy with that car before I built the Hilux but then the Hilux came along and changed everything I know or expect from a build.

Im forcing myself to stick with the original plan so that 2014 can see the PS13 finished, what happens with ETS after that? Well I am here to tell you that things are going to play out a little differently in that regard too.

All through the Hilux build I would see many comments that eluded to the Hilux as being a planned marketing tool for ETS, that certainly wasn’t the case or the reason the Hilux was built or Engineered To Slide got its name, this website, everything I do and write is all just as it happens, everything that isn’t built is paid for by my normal day job and no one but me has control over anything I do. I mean I only created the words Engineered To Slide so that my name wouldn’t be used all the time, but now it has meaning, It has some real history, it has depth and I think its the perfect base.

I need to start thinking about my future though, I need to start thinking about a viable solution for ETS to operate, imagine what I could do with an extra 9 hours a day, a workshop, a place for people to come, learn, inspire and create. What if I was to put the amount of effort that I had put into the Hilux into creating something that would benefit so many more people than just myself. I think that’s what the future holds for me and I hope 2014 can create some real opportunities for things like that to happen.

As I write this I am working on a few little things that will make big differences in the future, many believed the end of the Hilux build meant the end of Engineered to Slide, I believe its just the beginning, yes things will slow up just a little while I prepare for the big changes but believe me this is just the beginning.

Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting and thanks being here!

  1. “…imagine what I could do with an extra 9 hours a day, a workshop, a place for people to come, learn, inspire and create.”
    After reading it all, this is probably the greatest thing I have read on ETS.
    I cannot think of a better future to grow from the completion of the amazing Hilux project, than to see your learning passed on to others in such a generous way.
    Great to hear Nigel!

  2. No… Thank you! I can’t even think about how much you and your work inspire people all around the world and me personally… I’m really happy to know you are aiming even higher and wish you all the best in whatever the future brings!

  3. Awesome write up as normal Nigel. Cant wait to see where this crazy ride takes you and ETS.

    Learning huh. i like the sound of that.

  4. i want t shirts and stuff. ? cant wait to see and hear that beast i am expecting it too switch fast and smooth with mean angle..with mid corner upshifts like a bike.ooooh yeahh. i can feel it. your an inspiration.nz13rb. you make me want an sr.more responsive?


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