My NuLook Space

We all value our work space, at times it’s the deciding factor as to whats possible. For me it has been a progression from my first garage 2001-2011 which was a one car garage 5 meters by 3 meters. Then my current garage which measures 12 meters by 6 meters and now the ultimate setup at Deakin Manufutures 10 meters by 15 meters.

I love my home garage and it was a huge step up from my first one car garage but there has always been one thing I wish I had of done before I fitted it all out, the floor! I have learnt that a simple painted floor just wont cut the level of use anyone actively using their garage will inflict on it.

So with a fresh start I was going to do things properly and employ the best in floor finishes, NuLook Floors. I spoke to Jeff about the space and after a quick inspection we worked out a plan to get the floor done before my move in date so that I could hit the ground running. The finish is stunning, the feel under foot is unlike a thin painted floor, the epoxy flakes create a texture and the floor is incredibly resistant to just about anything you can spill on it.

If your building a garage or moving into a new one then I highly recommend the NuLook finish, I cant wait to put mine mine to the test!

Thanks Jeff for all your hardwork over the Christmas break to get this ready in time.

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