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  • Motorcycle Trailer Build

    I have always planned on building a motorcycle trailer, having a ute meant I didnt really need to. Now I have my van I’m sick of cleaning all the mud out of it after a ride in the bush. I decided to keep this on a super tight budget, Im using the same laser cut […]

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  • New Products – Cam and Crank Sensor for SR20

    I am excited to now offer the products I developed for the Hilux to SR20 owners all over the world. Now available as a full kit the 100% complete bolt on and wire up cam and crank sensors offer tuners a reliable problem free high speed engine RPM resolution timing solution. They both use identical […]

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  • Project 4 stud for sale

    If your in Australia and looking for a new drift chassis then I am selling Project 4 stud…. Why? I have too much going on right now and this is just adding to the workload, I would rather see someone else get some satisfaction and enjoyment out of building a racecar than me finishing it […]

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  • PS13NA Update

    You may have worked out that life revolved around building the Hilux and it still does but every now and then I like to dream about this car being finished. It can be registered in 2014 and considering thats only 7 months away and 2013 is going to be a crazy year I am trying […]

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  • FD Australia – Just Spectating

    What a massive rollercoaster the last month has been, with the Hilux running, Andre and Ben back on the plane to NZ I went to Formula Drift for a bit of a relaxing weekend. Yes I wish I was driving but there’s plenty of time for that later on. Here is a few images I […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – 25 Hour Day

    Daylight savings ended today so i had an extra hour, i tell you what i made good use of it! I washed then entire chassis down in thinners to remove the rust preventative lanolin, i scrubbed every part that was starting to get surface rust back to bright steel and i orginised a massive todo […]

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  • Trailer Update – Out of the oven!

    Last friday i got a call from my local powdercoater saying my trailer is ready to pick up, i was so happy as i had been fighting against rust for most of its short life. When i arrived it rolled out of the oven, i spent a few hours putting it back together and i […]

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  • New Merch

    So i have been super slack on the merchandise lately, theres a limited amount of these tees available so snap them up while stocks last!

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  • Fuji Speedway – Circuit Civic

    I spotted this Honda Civic in the pits at Fuji Speedway, time to take a look around it. I dont think i have posted many Civics on ETS in the past but i thought you might like this one. The intercooler points at it being turbocharged, its all stripped and lightened, the missmatched Work/ Buddy […]

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