Horizontal Tube Bender DIY

Bending tube in Motorsport Fabrication is an important process and it’s one tool that you cannot skimp on.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t employ some DIY skills and produce your very own saving you a bunch of $$ that can go straight back into your build. I had a buddy help me design up this bender kit from scratch and after some thorough testing its now available for you to build and own.

I have just uploaded the DXF files (for laser cutting) and the PDF plans for the pins and spacers in the store.

I have used a hydraulic ram and foot operated pump to drive my bender but the plans are equipped with a hand ratchet system that allows easy bending by adding a large bar for the thickest wall tube.

Combine the bender with our 3D printed bevel box and digital angle gauge for the ultimate in bending accuracy.

Im super happy to bring these products to you and if you need to see a step by step build of the bender then you can see it at ETSFab.com in either our MIG welding course or our Roll cage fabrication course.