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  • ETS Trailer build – Its getting there

    Building a trailer is a fairly big task, its not something that you just knock up in a day or two. A lot of steel, a lot of welding and a lot of time goes into it. Now everything is tacked together on mine i can spend a few hours finishing off the underside and […]

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  • ETS Trailer Build – Frame Axles and Drawbar

    Ive been putting a few hours into the trailer recently, at first i thought yea no worries ill build a new trailer and just do it in-between jobs, but in usual me fashion I’m racing through it, its coming along really well and I’m up to the point of designing the control arms for the […]

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  • ETS Trailer build – The frame

    Tonight i knocked up the frame for the trailer and fitted the scaffold planks, i guess you could say this is the easy bit of the whole build, now i have to work out what wheels i want, what offset they are going to be and what length i need the axle. This will be […]

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  • Another Project? ETS Trailer Build

    After work i picked up all the steel for the new trailer i have designed to build. My last trailer has been really good but i wanted something really low this time, those that have seen my current trailer would say its already low enough but this will be just a little different. Im using […]

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  • M Power on board with ETS

    I am proud to announce M Power is on board with everything ETS! What is M Power? M Power produce efficiency enhancing products that bring real performance & economy benefits, and conserve the environment, check out the site and try the product, you won’t be disappointed!

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  • Shop Visit – Riverside Racing

    Today i took a drive to Riverside Racing to visit liam and pick up some parts and knowledge for the ute, i took the camera along so you could check it out aswell. Liams been fabricating this Manaro Sports Sedan chassis, out of all the cars in motorsport i liken my Hilux project to a […]

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  • ETS HQ – In the office

    This Australia day long weekend has been so good, good weather and a bit of spare time to spread around the projects, gotta love a spot of shed blogging!      

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  • ETS Garage – Closer to completion

    Now that my “Over bench” lights are all wired up (thanks heaps Goldy) the sheds starting to really come alive, to think back 3 months ago it was a blank canvas its already come a long way, whats left to do you ask? Well i want to still get a hoist, pedestal drill, small mill, […]

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  • ETS Garage – Lit up

    My electrician friend Goldy dropped round last night and wired up my 3 lights for the machine room, after a couple of hours we had everything mounted, wired and switched with the original lights. With another two to be wired up above my main workbench tonight I am so glad to have the entire shed […]

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