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  • PS13 SR20DE Refit

    Each year I drive less and less, this year my goal was to get back to the racetrack in my PS13 NA project but it wasn’t to be, at the very minimum I wanted to atleast get it running again. As the year passed by I left it till the very last few weeks to […]

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  • ETS Motorsport Fabrication School

    I am excited to announce that the Engineered to Slide Motorsport Fabrication School is now live! 10 years ago I was telling my friend Pavel about the Hilux build that I had been planning, he urged me to create this website, make ETS a registered business and promote my work through constant posts. It seems […]

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  • ETS x Bell x PBK

    Helmets have been a big part of my life, some of the biggest highs and lows have been inside one of these and each time I put one on I know I am going to have a good time. After wearing just about every helmet on the market I continue to enjoy my Bell Helmets […]

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  • ETS Garage – Signing off for 2018

    What a year it has been, if you scroll back through the posts of 2018 you will see a heap of progress over this year. I made a promise to myself this time last year to concentrate on driving, riding and improving apon my complete setup. I have driven all three race cars in some […]

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  • Machine Shopping

    It has been a crazy few months here in the ETS garage, there has been monumental changes in both the layout of my workshop and the capabilities that lie within it. I had big plans but little room, something had to give, I completely went through my entire garage and sold everything that I didn’t […]

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  • PS13 NA – Pre game insight

    I’m not sure if I am a slow learner or it just takes a while to get that deep understanding I need to truly work out my machines. I made a decision a long time ago to stick with the SR20, if you believe everything you read then you would probably go elsewhere in the […]

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  • PS13 NA Project – Hits the track

    I have always followed my heart with the cars I have built, every little detail reflects what I believe my perfect “street car” to be. But what makes life a little difficult is that none of my cars can be registered due to the laws here in Australia, what makes things even more difficult is […]

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  • PS13 NA Project – Breathe

    This post has been a long time coming, over a year in fact. I love to be completely transparent in what I do and what you read on these pages, so I will rewind way back to the beginning of 2017 and let you in on the story… This time last year I was looking […]

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  • Red Line Oils

    My plan for this season was to enjoy what I have, get back to the track and keep everything maintained to the highest level. Although this is a one man operation I do call on help in the form of product support from time to time. These pages have opened up a lot of great […]

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