ETS x Bell x PBK

Helmets have been a big part of my life, some of the biggest highs and lows have been inside one of these and each time I put one on I know I am going to have a good time.

After wearing just about every helmet on the market I continue to enjoy my Bell Helmets the best.

When Bell released the RS7 LTWT Carbon helmet at PRI Show in late 2018 I had to get one!

I had also been talking to Pat from PBK for many years and decided to post the helmet direct to him in Canada and allow him to do a design that he is famous the world over for.

Patrick’s skill and attention to detail is incredible, he took this helmet and gave it personality and style.

This helmet is so light and comfortable.

I asked Patrick to make the carbon the hero here and add a little red, silver and shading. He came up with that amazing tinted red clear and it really made all the difference.

So a huge thanks to Bell helmets who I trust with my life and Patrick from PBK for adding some personality to this amazing helmet.

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