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  • Garage Time

    It’s that one thing you cant buy, time; I have been grappling with the concept of time vs money. Some people have all the money but not the time, some have all the time but not the money. Where is the happy medium? Where is the sweet spot? I work a 40 hour week to […]

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  • Supercar Saturday

    My schedule for October and November was literally jam packed. When I arrived home from the USA I didn’t actually fly home. I flew back into Sydney where I left my van and trailer to continue on where WTAC left off. I picked up my trailer from Cameron Motes place (thanks Camo!) and then headed […]

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  • WTAC 2017

    WTAC 2017, what a time to be alive…… With just about any large project its handy to set goals and timelines, for me it was to have the PS13 project mechanically completed before this event. For those that were there last year and saw the car you might be fooled that for thinking that I […]

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  • Load it up! The PS13 project goes on tour.

    As depicted in my last post the PS13 is ready to tour the east coast. After fitting the doors a couple of weeks ago I found out that the stock door trims wouldn’t fit, I cut them up and tried to make something work, I quickly worked out I was just wasting my time and […]

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  • Spring Break – First Drive

    It has been a crazy last few weeks/months, I want to say it went fast but now that I look back on the progress I have made in that time it feels like a lot longer. The Sydney Motorcycle Expo is fast approaching and I have been doing a lot of work for a few […]

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  • PS13 Stay Cool – Simplified

    The last post depicted this cars time on the dyno, with the car back home I still had a lot of work to complete and thats what I want to run you through in this post. I cant express how relaxed I felt returning home with a functioning car, a year ago I contemplated cutting […]

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  • NA PS13 Tuned and ready to go!

    Still on a high from actually getting this car running I had a call from Aaron saying that the dyno was free from thursday morning to (if we needed it) the weekend. I have a love hate relationship with dyno’s, it’s the most stressful environment for any builder but also a true testing ground for […]

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  • PS13 Project – It works!

    Oh boy! It works….. Prepare for the best, expect the worst…….. That’s pretty much how I operate, I have been around motorsport long enough to know that things almost never go to plan, I dont expect them to either, that always leaves me suprised when things actually go to plan. In preparation for the startup […]

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  • PS13 Project – When it all comes together

    It’s now June 2017 and winter is well and truly here, two very important events have coincided this past month that have given me the best opportunity to really put 100% into this project. The first is a financial boost with the approval of an exciting new marketing contract which you will hear about in […]

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