S13 Update

It’s fair to say a long term project never really has a moment where everything is finished, for the PS13 NA Project I have a pretty good idea what that looks like, smoothed fenders, paint, built engine and some rollcage gussets.

With that said I am happy to call it finished enough for a long format video detailing the point where the car is at right now. 

Over in our Projects section I went into great detail producing a 14 minute video showcasing the amount of work that has gone into the car to get to this point. 

I love telling these tales of creation and editing the videos myself allows me to bring all the information and detail to you without compromise. 

I hope you enjoy the production and remember all of the work shown in these Project videos can be learnt in our Skills section, knowing how something is created is a powerful tool and its been a fun process bringing it all to you.

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