SR20 Headers for Shirtstuckedin

The year was 2009 and I had been chatting to Casey Dharnam about our combined love for drifting, this eventuated in both of us heading to Japan for the very first time, on that trip we shared a love for the japanese culture and the cars within it. 

I remember driving into the carpark at Mobara circuit and seeing drifting in Japan for the very first time, I think the Japanese were a little taken back by foreigners even knowing what drifting was.

Whats cool to see is that Casey is now living in Japan and mixing it with the very best in the world, his Shirtstuckedin brand is going from strength to strength and he is driving a real resurgence of appreciation for the NA SR20.

The problem with NA SR20’s is the lack of off the shelf headers that work, this led Casey to reach out to me and commission a set of headers for his very own S13 NA SR20 build. 

It was perfect timing as I really wanted to be able to teach you guys the art of making a header and the effort that goes into it. You can view the comprehensive Naturally Aspirated Header Fabrication Skills Course here.

This led me to complete Casey’s header and a 5 part video series on the build. This details the maths behind a power productive system, the construction of a merge collector, the header build itself along with the hundreds of tips and tricks I have picked up along my journey. 

The header turned out amazing and I can’t wait to see this fitted up on Caseys S13. 

Thanks for reading this post, make sure you’re following Shirtstuckedin and checkout the 5 part video series detailing every step of the fabrication process in our projects section.

  1. Hey are you able to make header similar to the s13 header for FWD sr20ve.

    • Anything is possible but I really need the car and the time to do it properly.

  2. if i want this same header for my s13 sr20de you can build for me. and ship to mexico


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