PS13 NA – Pre game insight

I’m not sure if I am a slow learner or it just takes a while to get that deep understanding I need to truly work out my machines.

I made a decision a long time ago to stick with the SR20, if you believe everything you read then you would probably go elsewhere in the engine family, but the truth is those that don’t believe in the all alloy Nissan powerplant probably ask a little too much out of it.

If you want to have a long and stress free career in Motorsport then you must match your program with your budget, in my situation I have hit the sweet spot. I have all the tools, the know how and the ability to service everything on all my cars in my own garage.

The humble little SR20 propels me to do everything I desire on the racetrack and my ultimate setup is beginning to take shape. The PS13 is just a sequential transmission, dry sump setup and fuel cell away from being my ultimate machine. I wont be able to afford those luxuries this year but if I keep working towards my goals and continue to enjoy my time with the car it will eventually happen.

I have made a bunch of improvements to the car lately, the first you may notice straight away.

The Origin Labo Type 2 FRP Bonnet, I had been chasing one of these for a while now to clear the new Ryco Air Filter sitting atop the Cooper Composites carbon air box and allow the new engine location to vent a little better than before. In fact the bonnet suits the car perfectly and the venting characteristics suit the radiator layout and the intake box perfectly.

Christian of Corporal Industries previously used the bonnet therefore I had not much choice in where the bonnet pins were going

I am in no rush to put the engine back in the engine bay though……

Because I never tire of looking at it, if you’re interested in seeing how they are made I have a full feature length project video you can view HERE.

The new airbox combined with those well used headers I built just speak to me, there is a lot that goes into this design, I have produced a full course on the design and fabrication you can see HERE.

It’s the architecture of race cars that I love the most, shapes that excite and make the overall machine sophisticated yet simple.

Combining both form and function to create an exciting machine.

But before the cross members mount the engine in the car I want to give you a quick walk around.

The last track day was so much fun I am now itching to get back there (actually I am literally itching after cutting the bonnet to fit)

Stay tuned for more track time, coming soon!

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