Getting started in fabrication.

These pages are filled with examples of projects that fabrication has allowed me the ability to create, but we all start somewhere and in this post I want to shed some light on the beginning stages of fabrication and hopefully help those looking to begin their journey. 

First we need to think about why we are here in the first place, maybe you’re interested in the creation of things or you’re looking to save some money on your project, either way fabrication will improve your ability to do this and more and the inspiration can come from many places. 

I like to first save these inspirations, for me it’s a car or a picture of a part or maybe a component of something I would like to one day make. I look back on these images all the time and keep them in the front of my mind so I can know what I am working towards achieving. 

The next thing is equipping yourself with some tools or a space where you can comfortably work through a project. I have detailed these tools in another post which you can see here, this details the essentials that I believe you will need to be able to fabricate something. A bench, a bench vise, a drill, an angle grinder, some measuring tools, some protective equipment and if your budget can extend this far a welder. 

Having these tools will be a great start to get you into fabrication but you also need to follow the appropriate use of them along with knowing the right attachments that will make them work the best. That’s why I have developed the Staple Skills videos as seen on our subscription service, by watching these you will get the right skills to start your fabrication journey whilst removing a lot of the trial and error that we often see in this line of work. 

Once you have all this covered then you’re limited only by your imagination and budget, but what fabrication will allow you to do is use your imagination to get a lot more out of your budget and create a pathway into being self-sufficient so you don’t have to waste time and money on others doing things for you. 

Make sure you checkout our Staple Skills of Fabrication, this was developed to give you a head start and I think you will enjoy this and the Projects that we have filmed for you.

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