Spaceframe Hilux Update

It’s been an exciting time here at ETS, the new website is live and by now you would have probably seen the new Skills and Projects section which I have created as part of our new subscription service.

This is designed to bring unprecedented value to your subscription and it’s aimed at those who want the complete story as well as the skills required to be able to do something like this yourself. 

I’m not sure you would find a better person to develop this type of thing and this Hilux is a testament to that. 

It all started in a one car garage, I taught myself to cut, weld, bend and throughout the process created a pretty iconic machine which I detail in our projects section. 

Over the 16 minute edit I strip the hilux down to its chassis and detail the materials and construction methods used in its creation, these are all detailed in our Skills section and this project should be a great inspiration for those looking to complete something like this for themselves. 

I hope you enjoy this Project, after this was shot I pulled the engine and transmission out of the chassis to transplant into the S15, I did this for a few reasons but after doing it I was glad I did, it gave me an opportunity to clean up a few things and find a few components that would have caused some dramas in the next outing. 

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy the closing scene in the video, I sure enjoyed creating it. 

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