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  • She’s a keeper – Popping the question

    I made the most of the weekend just gone, theres one thing I have been meaning to do for a while and now its done, I proposed to my girlfriend Celia! We took a ride up to the highest peak on sunset and I got down on one knee handing over the Titanium ring I […]

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  • ETS Support Parts – Pit Kart

    As a kid I always wanted a go kart, that never really happened and I went straight from motorcross to cars. So when the time came to build something to carry my wheels and tyres to the changer and set up a hot pit with my tools I thought what better time than to build […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – Running Clip

    Among a stack of other things I spent this morning bleeding the brakes, the clutch, the coolant system, the power steering and getting this running. Oh and I got a little crafty with the camera for you guys reading at home. ETS Drift Ute – Running from Engineered To Slide on Vimeo.

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  • Behind – The tale of ETS

    As my friend Matthew Cox’s masterpiece goes live around the world I was asked to do a summary of the build. It took me a while to get it down to something as simple as this. “6 years ago I had a vision that wouldn’t leave my mind, for over 3 years I mentally worked […]

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  • PS13 – PWR Radiator Complete

    After the decision was made to go NA on the PS13 it made a lot of things very easy, one of those things was the cooling system. Of course loosing the boost on a small capacity motor isn’t what most would call a step in the right direction but I believed it would be for […]

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  • PWR Shop Visit

    You may have read the last post about getting a custom radiator, intercooler, oil cooler built from the industry leaders PWR. Well as luck would have it Ryan Hagedorn invited me to take a closer look and show ETS readers a little more about how the process happens. As car enthusiasts we have all looked […]

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  • ETS Drift Ute – The final tare down begins

    This monday was a PDO from work which gave me the perfect opportunity to get some work done. The plan was to get the motor out first to send the manifold off for ceramic coating, in a couple of hours all the bodywork was removed and the motor was on the floor. I love the […]

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  • Products – Steering spacers back in stock

    A new batch of the steering spacers for S chassis are now available, locally made quality product that gives great results grab yours by clicking this link.

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  • Moto Trailer – Off to Powdercoat

    Its a good feeling knowing that the Moto trailer is all done and off to the powdercoater. Im happy with how it turned out and cant wait to load the bikes on it and head off for a weekend. Colour Tech will be coating it in the same gun metal powdercoat as my bagged car […]

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