Car stands and stacking cars in the ETS garage

If you’re a regular to my online garage (this website) then you will be familiar with the car stands that allow me to stack my cars into my home garage. 

It’s been a few years since I made up the first pair and I have had a lot of questions about how they were made, what materials I used and how do I get my cars up there.

To properly answer these questions I decided to make up another pair in anticipation of the S15 coming home. This formed a detailed Project video and if you’re subscribed then you catch this over at our Projects section of the site.

This video runs through the measuring process, design intentions, materials, fabrication and installation into the garage.

I also took the opportunity to have the stands drawn in CAD and ran through an FEA analysis to show you exactly how much weight these can take. To my surprise its a lot and this comes down to the design and materials used. 

I also added in the plans to make this exact set of stands so you won’t be guessing as to what the dimensions are. 

With the second set of stands installed in the garage its given me a lot more space and I love having the ability to get my cars up off the ground for both maintenance and storage. 

If your looking to do something like this yourself or want to see the whole process unfold in our Project video then our subscription service is for you, sign up to get these, and many more features from ETS! 

TE everything!

Thanks for reading.

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