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  • Shops open for business

    I feel like 2016 has been nothing new, what it has been though is rewarding, I fought off the urge for more projects and focused on the ones I currently have. Tying up loose ends in the garage has been one thing, the website has been another. The name “Engineered to Slide” was coined just […]

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  • Japan – Daikoku Nights – Lowbrain Style

    It was our last saturday night in Japan and i was itching to see some more action, i had hit up good friend Takuya from team Lowbrain and we had originally planned to meet in the Hakone Hills region but the horrible weather on Saturday meant it was too foggy for anything to go down, […]

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  • Japan – Daikoku nights

    The one thing that had changed since my last visit to Japan was Daikoku PA, no longer was it easy to get too, now you had to pay the toll to get on the expressway, we worked that out the hard way and had to pay about $30 Aud just to find our way in. […]

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  • Japan – GP Sports

    Another shop i visited was Gallery GP Sports, it was only a quick stop in and i grabbed a few stickers, took a few snaps, thanked the employees and then left. The S15 was good to see in the flesh and they also had a nice R34 sitting outside, i was hoping for a wide […]

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  • Japan – Car make T&E

    Armed with a few magazines and a GPS i tried to list all the shops that were in the same area as each other, car make T&E was on of those with SUI VAX Garage just out of our way. I parked the rental and was eager to see some of the famous cars Vertex […]

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  • Meihan -Van life

    The Japanese love their vans, its for good reason too, most have an amazing amount of luxury features that make them desirable to many, they also have a vast amaount of upgrades available to them. The E51 Elgrand is starting to show its age a little but this one cirtainly looks the goods! With R35GTR […]

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  • Meihan Sportsland – The action on track

    In the last post showed you some of the cars that were in the pits and now its time to check out whats happening on track. It was music to my ears The loudest Rainbow EVER I can’t believe i left my longer lense at home, you get the idea. Standing on the wall at […]

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  • Japan – Meihan Sportsland Pits

    I had never been to Meihan Sportsland before and it was the one place in Japan i was dying to get to. After the perfect weather at fuji Speedway the day before sunday brought constant heavy rain on our trip south down the highway. I had no idea anything would be on or if any […]

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  • Fuji Speedway – Thats a Wrap

    As i finish up my coverage of just another Saturday at Fuji Speedway i look back over my pictures and miss Japan, its just so different to what we have here in Australia, of course its impossible to compare the pair, Japan is what it is because of the environment they have. I always return […]

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