Japan – Car make T&E


Armed with a few magazines and a GPS i tried to list all the shops that were in the same area as each other, car make T&E was on of those with SUI VAX Garage just out of our way.


I parked the rental and was eager to see some of the famous cars Vertex T&E have built, i only took a few snaps out the front as i didn’t want to interrupt them.


Its hard to just rock up as a foreigner and expect to take photos, i first explained that i was a tourist from Australia and was keen to take a few photos, the workers obliged but didn’t ask any questions.


The D1GP JZ BMW is a sight to behold, its full of special gear and has seen a fair amount of use over the last few years.


There were a number of JZZ30 Toyotas produced by Vertex over the years.


But this street S14 with the new Rays rims took the cake, so neat.


Thats it for my 5 minute stop in, ill leave you with the most aggressive wing in drifting Japan!