Japan – Daikoku Nights – Lowbrain Style


It was our last saturday night in Japan and i was itching to see some more action, i had hit up good friend Takuya from team Lowbrain and we had originally planned to meet in the Hakone Hills region but the horrible weather on Saturday meant it was too foggy for anything to go down, so he gathered the troops of team Lowbrain and we met up at Daikoku Futo PA


Before i show you some action ill show you what was in the carpark before we left. Takuyas weapon of choice is this well tuned RB25 C33 Laurel, sitting super low and stripped out its a solid performer.


The JZX90 looks amazing slammed on Equips


Rounding out the sideways Rootbeer 3some is this S14 Silvia.


These cars get used quiet a bit, all the Lowbrain crew drive together quiet a bit and are the best of mates.


We hung out before the action began but it wasnt only Lowbrain waiting for the night to start.


Everyone was ready to go, we all set off in convoy for the quiet industrial streets of Tokyo Bay Area.

The action in the next post!

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