Fuji Speedway – Tripple shot Cappuccino




The Suzuki Cappuccino is one car i dont see enough of, although im not sure i im 100% sold on the styling of this one i found at Fuji Speedway you have to admire its personality.



Three cylinders of turbocharged 660cc engine propel the RWD Kei car, this particular Cappuccino benefits from some enhancements.

IMG_9194The front mount oil cooler and top mount (out the bonnet) intercooler make sure the little engine can handle the abuse.

IMG_9193Everything pointed to the car being tuned for drifting but you just never know, either way it would be a lot of fun.

IMG_9192All the battle scars add to the appeal.

IMG_9191Fuji Speedway serves up all kinds of interesting cars, from the Corvette 6 litre to .6 litre, its all part of Japans diverse motorsport culture.