Japan – Daikoku nights


The one thing that had changed since my last visit to Japan was Daikoku PA, no longer was it easy to get too, now you had to pay the toll to get on the expressway, we worked that out the hard way and had to pay about $30 Aud just to find our way in.


We went the friday and saturday nights but ill break up the posts and show you what happened on friday.


This Porsche rolled in off the expressway, straight pipe out of the turbo it sounded amazing.


Its owner climbed out of the rollcage and race seat, its digital dash lighting the sparse white interior, he went to the toilet, grabbed a coffee, finished that off while it idled roughly away.


He climbed back in, adjusted some settings on the ECU


Then roared off into the freeway making the most amazing sound through the winding expressway.


I have never been to Daikoku PA without seeing a Ferrari or two.


But it wasnt just import cars, there were plenty of domestic cars aswell.


This R32GTR rumbled in with that silky smooth RB26 idle, it was tuned as an occasional track car with some street work thrown in for fun.


It also left the carpark making an amazing RB26 echo through the expressway walls.


There were a small VIP contingent aswell.


A nicely tuned R34 GTR was also taking a break in the PA


The stark white contrasted against the night sky, its a car lovers dream.


This early Datsun was good to see, its carby fed L series motor barked and spluttered and showed you dont need computers to have a little fun on the expressways.

Thats it for Friday night, let me tell you Saturday night was much better

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  1. Before I die, I want to go to Daikoku Futo!!


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