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  • 180SX – Back in Red

    Its been a while since I have posted about this car, heres a quick update! What makes a reliable drift car you ask? Thats simple…. your looking at it. This car has done countless track days over the past three seasons and remained fairly untouched, no untouched isnt really the word i should use, unchanged […]

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  • SR20 Inlet Tech – The next level

    Exciting times for ETS at the moment, my capabilities have been radically extended since meeting Martyn from VE 2 weeks ago. I met up with Martyn after a few emails and he basically explained to me that if i can think about it then he can make it. Suddenly all the things I have wanted […]

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  • Behind the wheel at TOP GEAR LIVE!

    Since Queensland Matsuri the 180SX has sat in the garage and patiently watched me work away the hours on the Hilux, im pleased to say that on the March long weekend ill be stretching its legs and burning up Federals finest on the the new Sydney Motorsport Parks layout for Top Gear Live. Joining me […]

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  • Farewell 2012 – Come at me 2013

    So another year has passed, it seems like it went fast until i go back through everything i have done this year. I want to take this moment to say thank you to those who have encouraged me, helped me or supported me. Many probably read this blog for different reasons, i feel my style […]

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  • 180SX – Whats the future hold?

    Firstly photo credit goes to Daniel Dietrich, thanks mate love the use of film! As i write this the 180SX sits in the shed feeling a little down about life, it requires a make over after QLD Matsuri. This car has been my sole “driving car” for the past 3 years, i am very gratefull […]

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  • QLD Matsuri – The good times!

    If you do the maths on driving time on Friday 5 hours, Saturday 15 hours and Sunday 10 hours that = 30 hours of open track time on 4 different layouts, QLD raceway had this event dialed and running smoothly. Friday night was short track night, a small area of Queensland Raceway set out for […]

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  • QLD Short Track – Grinding walls

    Short Track Just a quick gif while I’m on the road home

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  • QLD Matsuri – Getting there

    What a massive 10 days its been, sitting here in the Shirtstuckedin office reflecting on a crazy week. 8 days ago i trailered the car home from Calder Parks Drift Attack feeling a little down, the QLD Matsuri event i had planned on attending was dissapearing before my eyes, the headgasket was blown and there […]

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  • 180SX – Taking it to the limit!

    The last 3 days have been pretty crazy, Saturday started out as the usual saturday morning drift day, leaving home at 5:30 i knew that it was going to be a busy weekend followed with a busy week. My plan went like this…. Compete in the final of the Victorian Championship on Saturday Get a […]

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