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  • 180SX – Heading North

    I spent a few hours on my 180SX tonight, i had to clean it up and prepare it for a big month ahead. The last weekend in this month is Drift Attack at Calder Park, its a saturday sunday event and the last comp for Victoria for the year. To celebrate this ill be leaving […]

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  • Tyre Tech – The Federal 595-SS

    When i cant run the Federal 595 RS-R Tyre on my car i use the Federal 595 SS, such an amazing tyre for drifting and i am proud to announce that its back, Federal have a strong relationship with drifting and have listened to the drivers. Early this year a few manufacturing changes had been […]

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  • 180SX – WTAC

    Firstly thanks to my sister Carmen for being my official photographer for the weekend, this post will cover the 180SX at WTAC So its been a pretty crazy month, the 180SX has mostly just been sitting there waiting for some love, last week i spent an entire day making sure its battle ready, two things […]

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  • ETS 180SX – Just another sunday drive

    Thanks to Yasick for the pic, i spent yesterday thrashing through another 8 tyres at Calder Park, VicDrift hosted a practice day using the full track and everyone had a great time, a truely laid back day gave drivers the chance to give a few passenger rides, dial in the car and just spend much […]

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  • ADGP – A Damn Good Pair of days?

    June 16th and 17th marked the return of the Australian Drifting Grand Prix to Melbourne Victoria, this was the second round out of four in the 2012 season. You may remember last year i was the ambassador for this series and i am very happy to see it grow so much in the year it […]

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  • 180SX – A Dyno night

    With the upcoming ADGP at Calder Park and then WTAC at Eastern Creek i wanted to have the 180SX performing at its peak, the one person i have entrusted with all my tuning is Sam affectionately referred to as the Dr of drift. I unloaded the car and had it all ready to strap down […]

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  • Shoot in Motion

    Thanks to Matty, Deborah, Justin and Kelly for their time last Wednesday, to see a short edit on the shoot make sure you check out the following Vimeo edit.

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  • Garage Shoot

    I spent last night doing a photo shoot in the garage, you will have to wait for the finished product but heres a quick snap before i packed up for the night. Thanks to Deborah, Matty, Justin and the lovely Kelly Jane. Hope you guys thawed out on the way back to melbourne.

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  • ETS Garage – Stacking em up

    After looking at hoists for the last 4 months i ended up finally biting the bullet and putting an order through, i chose a MaxJax hoist for a lot of reasons, ill do a detailed install post in the coming week after i finish it all off.

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