SR20 Inlet Tech – The next level


Exciting times for ETS at the moment, my capabilities have been radically extended since meeting Martyn from VE 2 weeks ago. I met up with Martyn after a few emails and he basically explained to me that if i can think about it then he can make it. Suddenly all the things I have wanted to do but dont have the resources for are now possible, we have a number of things in the works but the SR20 inlet side of things is our first priority.


If you have heard my plans for my PS13 then you would understand that im heading the NA route with this car. Wanting to run a bolt on individual throttle setup i gave Martyn a design brief on what i wanted to create , Martyn took my ideas and quickly made them a reality with the intention of having these in production very soon.


But this isnt where it ends, the force fed inlet on the Hilux i fabricated is now being totally reworked with a bolt on 1 piece plenum and CNC machined runners and flange plate, you will be seeing a lot of this come together in the next couple of weeks as the Hilux build gains momentum.

Now having the capabilities to produce quality products you will see my builds take a step forward in quality and also offer the same products to the public, im looking forward to documenting this process and showing you what it takes to make what i call “the ultimate SR20 inlet” for both NA and Turbo applications.

  1. awesome… good to see you making progress on the 13 too… T-shirt arrived to the uk today… immediately put it on along with the stickers… good to see your beginning to use 3d modelling of your plans too…. AWESOME….!

  2. You remind me alot of my old man. He built his race car from the ground up over 4 long years. I’m starting to study Mechanical Engineering this year and you are definitely providing motivation for me to be successful in the field and end up being able to do things like this that are just mind boggling. I’m looking forward to seeing this in action with a big cloud of smoke coming from those 595s.

  3. Hello jamel here. Look im looking to seak a individual throttle body for a all motor b14 sr20…. whats the coast of one.????? Thanks


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