QLD Matsuri – Getting there

What a massive 10 days its been, sitting here in the Shirtstuckedin office reflecting on a crazy week.

8 days ago i trailered the car home from Calder Parks Drift Attack feeling a little down, the QLD Matsuri event i had planned on attending was dissapearing before my eyes, the headgasket was blown and there was only a slim chance of having it fixed in time.

But as you would have read in the previose post everything was back together and the trip was under way, the car was untested but i had high hopes that everything would be fine.

The night before i left i made up a tyre rack to hold the tyres in the ute, i had 26 tyres to fit in and this made life so much easier, all my rims laid down beneath it and the tires where on top.

The trailer housed some tyres aswell and the 180SX was full of spares and more tyres. Its a 22 hour trip to QLD from my house so i stopped for gas atleast 6 times.

In the previose post you may have seen my destroyed TE37, after trying my other wheels on nothing fitted the way i wanted it to and this is where my good friend Cameron Mote came into the picture, 10 hours into the journey i met up with Camo just of the Highway in West Sydney, he kindly lent me his 17×9+15 TE37 wheels with 215/45/17 Federal RS-R tyres fitted.

It was also good to check out his truck in person, stock floor body dropped shorty is just so cool in so many ways, Camo has plans for a 1UZ and a towbar to get the drift car to the track and back. Thanks for the lend of the wheels Camo, ill replace those tyres for you!

I drove all night and took the Pacific Highway up the coast, the big banana lives in Coffs Harbour so i had to get some tourist snaps.

21 hours into the journey and i was close to Byron Bay, i needed a rest and some breakfast.

Byron Bay is an amazing place, it was a perfect morning, i parked the car, went for a swim in the ocean, watched the whales and dolphins then had the most amazing coffee and breakfast. I rode the BMX up to the lighthouse and watched the whales swim out to sea. Its mornings like this that you begin to appreciate the beauty that Australia can offer.

Back on the road and another 2 hours north west i pulled up at Caseys house, i was relieved to arrive as 24 hours behind the wheel can take it out of you.

  1. Good news Nigel,the trip and events seem like they all went very well .Sounds like the big effort payed off . Awesome job so far, safe home.

  2. Driving all night is the best up the East Coast. No traffic, cool air, good atmosphere, good times.


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