Farewell 2012 – Come at me 2013


So another year has passed, it seems like it went fast until i go back through everything i have done this year. I want to take this moment to say thank you to those who have encouraged me, helped me or supported me. Many probably read this blog for different reasons, i feel my style has somewhat been set in concrete this year, all my builds have started to take shape in similar ways, they share similar parts and share that ETS DNA.


The Hilux – I know many have been there from the start with this build, conceived just 2 years ago its been an up and down process with a stack of distractions along the way. As we kick into 2013 theres a heap of exciting things planned for the start of this year.


I was lucky enough to be approached by the guys at STM in New Zealand, if you dont know who these guys are then your about to, scheduled to fly into the country and resolve my wiring problems with state of the art motorsport wiring solutions the guys from STM are also going to stick around and tune the Hilux after wiring it. By the time they step back onto the plane i will have a driving chassis with a complete electrical system, fuel system, and driveline. Thats all set to happen in the first quarter of 2013, i cant thank the fellas enough for their help with this, by far they will have the most outside influence on the build and pick up where I have left off. STM as build partners just makes 2013 that little bit more special.


So with that said i need to have the build mechanically ready so 100% of my focus will be on the Hilux, from mounting alternators to plumbing fuel systems, plumbing coolant systems and ducting its all going to happen in the next 2 months, so get ready..


SR NA PS13 – After the Hilux is running and tested the PS13 will be my next focus, the SR will have a set of headers, the 6 speed gearbox will house a new clutch and then its time to get some track time, after that i will redo the entire chassis and prepare it for paint in late 2013. It hardly needs a $$ spent on it its just a whole lot of time and effort.


180SX – With everything else thats going on the car that actually works the best will be put on hold for a little while, there are a few high profile demos i have put my hand up for so preparation will begin on that to get it mechanically sound again, its a good car and dosnt need anything more than a quick freshen up. I think my aim in 2012 was a little off, here i am putting my time and effort into another car while my “competition car” was being neglected, i mainly drove drift competitions in 2012 and finished off the year with QLD Matsuri, that was the most fun i had all year and made me relise that this car is built for fun and getting the most from track days.


Again i want to thank those that have been there for me as you follow everything that goes on at ETS HQ, i dont think the builds will ever be “finished” but im looking forward to using the Hilux and well and truely getting it out there for people to see, i mean hands up who wants to see a ground up Hilux pumping smoke out the rear on lock?

  1. Defiantly sounds like a few busy months ahead, Be sure to keep us posted. I so excited i can’t wait to see the hilux driving, who knew it could be so soon.

  2. Its amazing to see how much you have done in the past year and also how close you are to the finish line.(Hilux) Nigel keep up the good work and stay the course. Can’t wait to see that Hilux eating up some tires man 😉

  3. I DO! Get it doneeeee Nige!
    Can’t wait to see what happens in 2013!

  4. dude, i wish i could work with, for, along side or even in the back ground with u!!!!! i love wat ur doing and really looking forward to seeing that truck sideways!!!!


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