Stainless Steel SR20 Header Project

SR20 Header Project

It’s uncommon to see 4 cylinder performance engines without a turbo, especially when that performance engine is a Nissan SR20, the humble SR20 is well supported in the aftermarket industry but unfortunately that refers to the turbocharged version, when searching for more performance from a naturally aspirated engine we need to really dig deep into our bag of tricks to get the results we desire. With very few off the shelf options a custom fabricated header is needed.

In this project I had Casey from SHIRTSTUCKEDIN contact me and request an exhaust fro his naturally aspirated SR20, over the course of these 5 video parts we go through the mathematics, design and execution of this header to produce a beautiful exhaust that will both perform and look right at home on Caseys S13 in Japan.

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SR20 Header Project Part 1 Preview SR20 Header Project Part 2 Preview SR20 Header Project Part 3 SR20 Header Project Part 4 SR20 Header Project Part 5