Hibernating till Thunderdome!

After the weekend the cars having a planned rest, a few problems will be fixed and then its back into storage till the Aus Drift GP crew announce a test day at the Calder Park Thunderdome. Time to fix...

Sitting Waiting – My S13 in the Spotlight

Just love my S13 so much, its unfortunate it dosnt get out too often.

Post TopGear health check

Took a trip this saturday down to my parents place to give the 180SX a good clean up and look over after the TopGear festival. Its all ready for Victorias biggest comp Drift Attack! Read on for more p...

Matsuri Part 14 – East explosion

On the sunday afternoon of Matsuri everyone heads to East course to go out with a bang

Matsuri Part 3 – The car that stole my heart

Its a true story, when i got home after the trip to japan i took the white TEs off the S13 and fitted them to my 180SX to relive the memory of seeing this car. If only i could go back to stock metal g...

Winton practice day – 11/12/10

I got a call last thursday night from our drift clubs president saying a spare spot had opened up for saturdays practice day. I was stoked and quickly went to get the car and prep it for the day at wi...

Japan Day 7 – D1SL Pit Walks

You have seen the cars, the engine bays, the interiors and the action. Still want to see more? Well heres some other sights you may be interested in, i know i was.

Springnats Shepparton Weekend

This weekend was Sheppartons springnats in windy cold central Victoria, known for its worldclass burnout cars and big bore V8s my good friend Lukey Luke and i mixed some small bore action in and the r...

Car spotlight – S15 at Fuji Driftland

The car that stood out for me at Fuji Speedway was this Nissan Silvia S15