Mt Gambier Autofest demo day 30/10/2010

Did some driving between the awful weather that Mt Gambier threw at us today. Heres a random shot i took of the car resting in the pits.

A snap from Drift Attack 2010

A quick snap before competition began at Drift Attack Winton Raceway earlier in the year. Here it was running the 50mm type 2 rear guards , they have been ditched in favour for some new 30mm Msports s...

Tune Night 255rwkw on 18psi

Well i forgot to remove the SD card from my PC so theres no pics of any action from the dyno session last night. As i pointed out in the last post i switched back to BP Ultimate to save some money. 

Removing some cost from drifting

Ive been running PowerPlus 110 race fuel, with a retune this afternoon im doing the switch back to pump fuel, $3 a litre verses $1.40 and a loss of around 15-20kw. Ill will miss that sweet sweet smell...

New shed

Its a defining time in the world of ETS.

One day in 2009

Before i decided to make my own wheel alignment jig up i had a local workshop do my alignments. The guys were great and it was my only chance to get the car on a hoist and look over the underside befo...

StanceWorks PT2

Some more pictures from the good people who attended the StanceWorks “meet and greet” day. Good times, great weather and an awesome bunch of guys.

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