180SX – Static Shots

After a weekend of sitting in the shopping mall the car is now ready for a good thrashing at Calders Thunderdome, but before i unleash hell on it heres a few static shots.

180SX – Taking her shopping

As part of my ADGP brand ambassador duties the 180SX will be parked inside Highpoint shopping center all weekend. If your in melbourne then call in and say hi to the crew. It was an early 4 am start t...

Compare the pair

Two completely different cars both built for very similar purposes, what are the simularites and which one will be used once the Hilux is finished?

Winton Action – Thanks Henry!

The forecast was showers and sub 15 degrees temps at the racetrack for the Vic Drift practice day, its the most fun I have had behind the wheel all year! Heres a photo set thanks to Henry from dorifut...

VicDrift – Winton Practice Day

  Had a blast over the weekend at the VicDrift practice day. The car was faultless again and it was great to see all the familiar faces at the track. With ADGP coming up it was great to get back ...

180SX – Reflections Part 5

With the end of 09 season leaving my car in need of a serious clean up it was time to get to work and do all those things before the 2010 track days started again.

180SX – BN Sport Sides

Ive been in two minds what how to style the 180SX for the WTAC Tectaloy drift challenge, in the paint booth at the moment are a pair of “pulled” metal front fenders, Origin 50mm Takedashi ...

Classic styling will never die!

I don’t know if there is a better style for a 180SX than TEs and factory Aero. The things i love about my 180SX is the amount of work gone into everything on the car underneath the skin. I have ...

Australian Drift GP

Loving the first issue of the official ADGP event program, ADGP showing us that they are serious about drifting in Australia!