Classic styling will never die!

I don’t know if there is a better style for a 180SX than TEs and factory Aero. The things i love about my 180SX is the amount of work gone into everything on the car underneath the skin. I have had so many great ideas lately that i want to do it all over again with another shell. This cars  history and future is already written, to be driven hard as much as possible, living build life is great but driving is even greater! Fix what breaks and drive when there’s an opportunity……

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  1. 180sx, 17/18 Te’s, low.

    All you need.

  2. I love the factory aero! Does this mean that the URAS kit is making way for the old? 😀

    • The calder bank will be the end of URAS at my height, thinking of switching to bank friendly TypeX!

  3. That’s me then 🙂 Type X 1998 on 18″ TE37

  4. Simpicity is king..
    I know you have a million ideas floating around in that creative mind of yours… Can’t wait to see the out come..
    PS.. I look forward to meeting your at WTA… 😉

  5. Does this mean the BURST fenders are making a come-back too? 🙂

  6. The uras has that impossibly-low impact while sliding, but nothing beats this look.


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