QLD Matsuri 2014

Matsuri: Japanese word for festival, “kono matsuri wa omoshiroi desu ne” translation: this festival is interesting isn’t it? It is interesting, having been to Japan and witnessed a M...

RPS13 – Winton Matsuri

In an action packed RPS13 dedicated weekend I took the drive up to Winton Raceway to reacquaint myself with both the car and the track. In fact I don’t think I have visited Winton in over a year...

QLD Matsuri – Getting there

What a massive 10 days its been, sitting here in the Shirtstuckedin office reflecting on a crazy week. 8 days ago i trailered the car home from Calder Parks Drift Attack feeling a little down, the QLD...

Sapporo Extreme Festival 2011

Sapporo is Japans 4th largest city and is located in the north island of Hokkaido, it is host to the Extreme Festival or “Matsuri” as the japanese would call it. Its excactly a year since ...

Matsuri Part 14 – East explosion

On the sunday afternoon of Matsuri everyone heads to East course to go out with a bang

Matsuri Part 10 – End of Day 1

What a day, it took a ten part series to cover what happened in 10 hours of drifting, drift matsuri runs all night, my cameras not up to the task of capturing any night action so ill just finish off d...

Matsuri Part 7 – The Wild South

Part 7 of the Matsuri coverage takes a look at what half an hour on Minami will look like.

Matsuri Part 6 – Mekaru Crew

These two cars were from the original parts maker Mekaru, a really neat 86 and wildly modified 180sx.

Matsuri Part 5 – Up to Kita Course

Heading kita (north) from minami (south) to take a look in the pits.

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