Matsuri Part 7 – The Wild South

Part 7 of the Matsuri coverage takes a look at what half an hour on Minami will look like.

Standing on the wall and seeing the cars launch over the rise straight at you is one of those feelings that cant be described, the noise, wind and rubber thats being hurled at you is unbelievable.

I was happy to see Shinji Minowa out on track in his missile, this guy was incredible to watch, lap after lap the big Toyota would launch all four wheels into the air and then be thrown into a cirtain spin with him driving out of it perfectly every time. These D1 drivers are the real deal!

The less power you have then the more speed you have to carry, this NA S14 proved that it can be done sans turbo!

Its a menacing looking car.

From every angle.

Koguchi came back into the pits with a slight alignment issue.

The coilover shaft was snapped, wasnt the first time this happened on Minami im sure.

Everytime he would return to the pits he would light a ciggie and have a laugh with the other drivers.  Ive looked up to Koguchi forever, he will always be the 180SX king in my eyes.

He didnt waste any time in getting it out and replacing it!

The missile Laurel driver always had a smile on his face, he was a consistant runner on Minami.

This Satgea was tottaly gutted inside, there were only a pair of full bucket brides and thats about it. The rear guards were pumped and the rear glass replaced with carbon sheeting. The roof racks held a capsule that had all the drivers sleeping gear for the weekend, i guess the inside was full of tires.

Casey had Benny and Johns cars lined up for a photoshoot in the corner, i thought id sneak a shot in.

  1. Even the door was flared on the stag!

  2. black zenki up top is full of win!

  3. Where i can find more about Benny and Johns cars?


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