Sapporo Extreme Festival 2011

Sapporo is Japans 4th largest city and is located in the north island of Hokkaido, it is host to the Extreme Festival or “Matsuri” as the japanese would call it. Its excactly a year since I was in Japan and I miss the culture and lifestyle a lot, read on to see what the Extreme Festival is all about.

This Nissan “Hardbody” or Navara as we call them was built by Garage Miniz who are famous for their drift ute builds, I gained a lot of inspiration from the work they did, I would love for these guys to check out my build one day.

This super clean S14 attacks what looks to be a public road blocked of for the festival.

Could you imagine trying to get an event like this off the ground in any other country? I dont think so….. Oh Japan how i love you.

From drift cars to lowriders, the diversity in Japan is amazing

It dosnt have to have a motor to be a part of Extreme Matsuri.

BMX, sure why not.

Looks like a lot of fun was had.

Perhaps the thing I love most about this Festival is the way every minority in the street culture scene come together.

Stunt bikes were given free reign on the asphalt aswell.

Hydro American lowriders dont get much more Extreme than that.

Perhaps the coolest photo of them all.

It just amazes me that the different types of street culture in Japan can all mix together and get something like this happening, Japan you are amazing!