Matsuri Part 14 – East explosion

On the sunday afternoon of Matsuri everyone heads to East course to go out with a bang

Still cant get enough of this 180SX, the only car at Matsuri to make me homesick.

The team Orange WRX came out for a drive.

Christian undertaking the man himself Kumokubo!

After a good 20 minites of close calls all it took was this American JZX driver to spin and all hell broke loose, 3 aussies sustaining a fair amount of damage.

That didnt stop the drifting though

But most called it a day and went to pack up there gear, it was getting cold and dark.

So Casey Xian and i headed to have a look at the monkeys, i was pretty suprised that they could just jump all over you.

Next up the Matsuri wrap up!!

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  1. hey look its nomuken!!! haha


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