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  • BMW Chopper for Born Free

    Well I think it’s time for an update on the BMW Chopper project. Since getting onto the Born Free invited builder list the pressure on this build and myself has really ramped up. Lucky for me this isn’t my first rodeo and time management is possibly one of my strong points. But I do know […]

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  • BMW Chopper to Born Free 12

    The highlights have been non stop this year, sure small business has its highs and lows but when a highlight like this comes along I celebrate! Being on this list is a really exciting opportunity for myself. My 2014 honeymoon had Born Free as a destination and it blew my mind and changed the course […]

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  • The beginning of Motocross – Our 1969 Rickman Metisse

    It all started with a trip to Japan in 2010, I went to see drifting and ended up falling in love with vintage American motorcycles, sounds crazy right? I’ll try and explain myself. While exploring Japan I kept being drawn to a vintage American culture that is so popular in Japan. It came as a […]

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  • Creating the Business – Southside Visit

    Big thanks to Belinda and Jason from Southside for the visit and the subsequent photo set for their blog. Their visit coincided with the completion of the HiRider V2 project that has now set sail for Italy. It’s probably a good chance to get a little personal and let you know where my heads at. […]

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  • The Ride

    I have had some time at home now to reflect and reminisce about my trip, this is the last post from America and a summery of my adventure. From the initial purchase of a $5,000 roller 10 months ago, a team effort by Dan Carr, Jasin Phares and myself constructed a bike that would carry […]

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  • Moon Equipment USA

    Every time I visit a company I learn a little every time. It doesn’t matter what they produce it’s always a learning experience. In hot rodding circles their isn’t a more respected or recognizable company than that of the yellow eyes, Moon Equipment Co. Founded by the late Dean Moon who grew up in Norwalk […]

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  • Glamis Sand Dunes

    In 1994 I was 11 years old, I had an XR75 Honda, our house backed on to farm land and the owners gave me permission to ride their entire property. It was probably in 1996 that a VHS tape called Crusty Demons of Dirt 1 made its way from America to Australia and into my […]

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  • The Colorado River

    After the SEMA Ignited event was over it was time to say goodbye to Vegas and head south. It was time to finally get a taste of another one of my growing passions. Small boats with big engines. For me vintage choppers share many characteristics with vintage drag cars and vintage drag cars share many […]

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  • SEMA 2017

    My American adventure had three main components, the ride, the Hot Rod Reunion and then the SEMA event. Everything else was just a bonus. I had mixed emotions about SEMA and all the hype surrounding the event, I enjoyed Death Valley so much that I was sad to leave, but I had booked at the […]

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